Phat Tai Rice, Gạo Phát Tài Phat Tai Rice, Gạo Phát Tài

Vietnam Long grain white rice ST20


ST20 rice is a high quality rice which is considered as Vietnamese Basmati rice. When cooked, it's soft, has the pineapple aroma.

VietNam Rice

ST20 rice is grown 3 times a year (February to April - Winter Spring, June to August - Summer Autumn and November to December - Autumn Winter.)

Areas of this type of rice include Soc Trang, Bac Lieu and several other provinces in the Mekong Delta

ST20 rice is produced from a specialty rice ST strain of Soc Trang province, researched by engineer Ho Quang Cua. The ST20 rice variety has been researched and bred, selected from specialty aromatic rice varieties, with superior quality and taste compared to other aromatic rice varieties, the nutrient content is very high.


VietNam Rice

The ST20 rice has a growing time of 107 to 113 days. ST20 is resistant to salinity, pests and diseases, brown backed rice plant hopper and rice blast disease.

The average length of ST20 is 7.6 mm, the rice is white and non-chalky. When cooked for fragrant rice, the content of amylose is low.

VietNam Rice

VietNam Rice


Long grain white rice ST20 Specifications



5% max


14.0% max

Foreign matters                                      

0.1% max

Chalky  kernels                                      

1.0% max

Damaged  kernels                                  

0.5% max

Red and Red Streaked kernels                    

0.2% max

Yellow kernels                                        

0.5% max

Paddy grain (grains/kgs, max)

1 grains/ kgs max

Average Length of Whole Grain                 

7.2 mm

Milling degree

Well  milled, double polished and sortexed

Phat Tai Rice, Gạo Phát Tài
Phat Tai Rice, Gạo Phát Tài