Phat Tai Rice, Gạo Phát Tài Phat Tai Rice, Gạo Phát Tài

Nang Hoa Fragrant Rice


Nang Hoa Rice is produced from Nang Hoa 9 rice varieties, they have drought tolerance, good salinity, alum resistance.

Growth time from 95-100 days. Fragrant rice The flower is usually grown in two main seasons: Summer - Autumn, Winter - Spring.

Nang Hoa rice have two types, with two colors such as clear white rice (rice in the flower) or opaque white rice (rice milk flower).

Nang Hoa fragrant rice is high-quality fragrant rice, with a scent like jasmine, slightly larger and longer grain of rice, with a light, long-lasting aroma. The content of iron, calcium and protein in Nang Hoa rice is 1.5 times higher than ordinary rice.

The Nang Hoa rice is commonly grown in Long An and Bac Lieu provinces.

Rice has the characteristics of cooked rice, which is sweet, soft, soft, soft, lump-free, and will not harden or become hard to eat when cooled. Rice is exported to countries in Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America and China. In addition, Nang Hoa rice also meets export standards for fastidious markets such as the US and European countries.

VietNam Rice

VietNam Rice

Nang Hoa Fragrant Specifications              



14.0% max

Foreign matters                                      

0.1% max

Chalky  kernels                                      

2.0% max

Damaged  kernels                                  

0.3% max

Immature kernels  

1.0% max

Red and Red Streaked kernels            

0.3% max

Yellow kernels                                        

0.3% max

Paddy grain (grains/kg, max)


Average Length of Whole Grain                 

6.6 mm

Milling degree

Well  milled, double polished and sortexed



Phat Tai Rice, Gạo Phát Tài
Phat Tai Rice, Gạo Phát Tài