Phat Tai Rice, Gạo Phát Tài Phat Tai Rice, Gạo Phát Tài

Rice bran


Rice bran is a thin layer of dark chalk in the midle of the husk and white rice

A grain of rice is made up of 4 parts: Rice Husk accounts for 20% of the weight, light pink coat (rice bran membrane) accounts for 8% of the weight, the rice sprouts accounts for 1 – 2%, the rest is the intestine of rice grain accouting for 70%. This product is created by rice grain. Offen used as animal feed, in the production of skin care products and cosmestics.

Cám Gạo

  Processing of Rice bran :

1. Harvesting rice and conducting grain drying.

2. Use rice husk Separator to separate rice husk to produce husk and brown rice (rice with bran husk).

3. Continue using a milling machine to remove the outer layer of rice bran. We have white rice and brown rice bran – the rice bran itself.

+ Uses and benefits of rice bran:

     - Rice bran is an effective beauty support products for the skin, rice bran oil helps stimulate hair growth,…

     - Bringing economic benefits to the livestock industry in Vietnam and other countries.

     - As animal feeds for cattle, poulty, seafood,…

     -  As an effective fertilizer for plants, it provides clean nutrients for the soil to grow crops, especially short-term fruit and vegetable crops.

Cám Gạo

Cám Gạo

+  Nutrition composition of rice bran:

     - During the milling process, rice bran is peeled off the grain and becomes an auxiliary material. Therefore, they are offen low cost, but possess more than 60% of the nutritional value of rice.

     - In 100 grams of rice bran powder:

       • 40 grams of glucide.

       • 12 grams of protein.

       • 22 grams of lipid.

       • The remaining 26 grams are trace element such as vitamins B6, E, B1, minerals,…

 The reason that some enterprises import rice bran because rice bran contains protein (11 -17%), fat (12-29%), carbonhydrates and fiber (6-31%), not to mention B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6), Vitamin E, Vitamin K, cholin, acid folic and minerals like Fe, K, P, Se, Mg, Zn,…

+ Technical standards of pure fresh rice bran:

Moisture: 12% max

Protein: 13% min

Fat: 12% min

Starch : 30% min

Fiber: 7% max

Ash: 8 % max

EZ 1.01%



Phat Tai Rice, Gạo Phát Tài
Phat Tai Rice, Gạo Phát Tài