Phat Tai Rice, Gạo Phát Tài Phat Tai Rice, Gạo Phát Tài

Vietnam Long grain white rice ST25


ST25 premium fragrant rice, a product of an expert group led by agricultural engineer Ho Quang Cua from Soc Trang province, has been named the world's best in taste this year. ST25 fragrant rice has won the World's Best Rice Award in the WORLD TECHNICAL RICE Contest, organized by THE RICE TRADER November 12, 2019 in the Philippines.

VietNam Rice

ST25 is a delicious rice made all year round "made in Vietnam". Compared to international rice varieties, the advantage of ST25 is the high yielding variety, which can be grown from two to three crops in a year. This rice is also fragrant, white, beautiful like ST24 but the rice is more flexible.

ST25 is a premium type of rice in the rice market with long, clear and silver-free grain. Cooked rice has a very soft, sweet, and pineapple flavor, which is especially appealing. The rice is fragrant, so cook less water, the rice is still soft despite cooling. In particular, this type of rice is high in protein, so it is suitable for people with diabetes, both the elderly and children.

Phat Tai Rice, Gạo Phát Tài
Phat Tai Rice, Gạo Phát Tài