Phat Tai Rice, Gạo Phát Tài Phat Tai Rice, Gạo Phát Tài

Vietnam Jasmine rice


Vietnamese Jasmine (Jasmine) rice is a kind of high quality, long, white and aromatic rice.

VietNam Rice

Fragrant rice is grown in the Mekong Delta, when it is cooked, glutinous rice, light fragrant, rice is still flexible when cooled. Therefore, fragrant rice is preferred in countries such as the US, Europe, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, Ghana.

Jasmine rice is grown mainly in Southern Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. This type of rice is moist, so soft when cooked and has a slightly sweet taste. The rice grains are fragrant and slightly sticky when cooking, though it is less sticky than sticky rice (Oryza sativa var. Glutinosa) because it has less amylopectin. Fragrant rice is about three times more flexible than American long grain rice.


VietNam Rice

To harvest fragrant rice, long stalks are cut and pounded. The rice can then be left in the form of hulls called rice, dehulled to produce brown rice, or milled to remove sprouts and some or all of the bran, creating white rice

Jasmine rice Specifications


Purity Jasmine Rice                              

90.0% min


14.0% max

Foreign matters                                      

0.1% max

Chalky  kernels                                      

2.0% max

Damaged  kernels                                  

0.3% max

Immature kernels                                    

1.0% max

Red and Red Streaked kernels                    

0.3% max

Yellow kernels                                        

0.3% max

Paddy grain (grains/kg, max)


Average Length of Whole Grain                 

6.8 mm

Milling degree

Well  milled, double polished and sortexed



Phat Tai Rice, Gạo Phát Tài
Phat Tai Rice, Gạo Phát Tài